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Born in 1978

Ty _18 - IMG_8256.jpg
Ty _19 - IMG_8266.jpg

Gibson ES-335TD

I purchased this guitar from my guitar teacher with money i made at a summer job. I have a special bond with this instrument and it will always be my baby and in my arsenal. It has a warm smooth powerful tone that i cherish.

Songs Played On:

Loose Ends

Wish You Well

Turned A Page 

Moving Forward

So Happening

Far From Done

Born in 1965

Ty _9 - IMG_9807.jpg
Ty _8 - IMG_9769.jpg


This guitar was gifted to me by my father. I grew up listening to this guitar as a kid and its tones have resonated with me since early childhood. I discovered it sounds especially amazing for slide tones as well as jazz.

Songs Played On:

Hey Now 

Moving Forward

Kinda Woman 

Born in 2016

Ty _2 - IMG_9461.jpg
Ty _4 - IMG_9499.jpg

Collings SJA Adirondack 

I started playing solo acoustic shows and my cheaper model guitar wasn't getting the job done. Enter the Collings SJA which i believe is the best of both Martin and Taylor worlds. WIth this guitar i write a lot of the singer songwriter type songs like Ruined. Most of my songs start out on this guitar or a little mahogany Big Baby Taylor. 

Songs Played On:

Back To You


Island Song

The Highway Winds

Told In The Stars

Hurts So Bad 

Come Back Up Again

You and Me

Born in 1962

Ty _11 - IMG_9735.jpg
Ty _10 - IMG_9714.jpg

Gretsch Country Professional

My good friend Danny loaned me this guitar and i wrote the song Big Deal on it. I really enjoy the bigsby tremolo on this guitar. You have to really dig into this guitar to pull its sweet tone out.

Songs Played On:

Big Deal

Born in 1956

Ty _7 - IMG_5825.jpg
Ty _31 - IMG_8050.jpg

Fender Stratocaster

I acquired this guitar in a truly unique way. A fan approached me after a performance at a Brew fest in Eugene, Oregon and told me that her husband, who had passed away, had spoken to her from the grave and said that I should play this particular guitar. She then offered it to me, and I've been using it ever since. The tone I can get from this strat is epic - it really is a magnificent instrument.

Songs Played On:

Cut and Run

Treat Someone

Whats the Use

So Far Gone

Back To You

Born in 1965

Ty _8 - IMG_0225.jpg
Ty _2 - IMG_2668.jpg

Gibson Firebird

I received this guitar as a birthday present from my uncle. It was a familiar instrument to me, as I grew up around it but couldn't play it due to it being set up for a left-handed player. Once I acquired it, I replaced the dead P90 pickup with a Gibson Script P90, which really brought out some mojo in the guitar. The original middle P90 is still in place and gives the guitar a nasty tone.  It's a versatile and powerful instrument.

Songs Played On:

Whats The Use

So Far Gone

Born in 2020

Ty Guitar #27 - IMG_7855.jpg
Guitar #1 - Dreamland - IMG_5013.jpg

Apollo Dreamland by Goldman Guitars

My good Buddy Brady Goldman out of the kindness of his heart copied my 335 neck and we joined that neck shape with his dreamland body. The guitar features exotic woods, boutique pickups, and a piezo acoustic pickup makes this guitar stand out. Its a very unique axe that i love.

Songs Played On:

Cut and Run

Hard Step



Behold my pedalboard for the album which has already changed since we recorded these records!

Vertex  FX Buffer

Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2

Petty John Fuzz Fuze 

BK. Butler Tube Driver

Jam Pedals Retrovibe

Aya R-Comp

Whirlwind Chromatic Tuner

Psionic Audio Telos

Horizon Devices Apex

Boss Chorus CE-2

Boss Delay DM-2

not pictured:

Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz


Lehle Little Dual 

Retrosonic Delay

Neunaber Immerse

Fender FRV-1

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