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Loose Ends - Ty Curtis

Ty Curtis's new song "Loose Ends" is a powerful and emotional track written during a period of life changes as a way to cope with difficult times. The song has a rich and bluesy sound that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners. Curtis wrote the song on a 1978 Gibson 335, using the bluesy sound of an Opie Lux 2-12 brown face Fender style amp to bring out the full potential of the instrument. The song was influenced by the smooth blues style of Robert Cray, Overall, "Loose Ends" is a track that showcases Ty's talents and emotional depth.

"Loose Ends"showcases the talents of Steve McCoy on the Hammond B3 organ, and Steve Kerin on piano. In addition to the release of the single, a professional film crew was on hand to capture the behind-the-scenes action in the studio. The resulting footage offers a unique look at the recording process and gives fans a glimpse into the creative process of Ty and the band.

The film crew captured the energy and excitement of the studio as the group laid down the tracks for the single, bringing the music to life in a way that can only be experienced in person. This behind-the-scenes footage provides a rare and intimate look at the making of "Loose Ends" and is a must-see for fans of Ty Curtis and blues music.

Ty's vocals and his raw delivery captures the honest feelings of the lyrics, and will connect with listeners on a deep level.

Whether singing ballads or upbeat blues numbers, Ty always brings a unique and powerful presence to his performances, and "Loose Ends" is no exception. 

The song implements a drop D tuning and incorporates major seventh chords and major 9ths to give a dark smooth ominous tonality. The chord progression was a happy accident says Ty who was just fooling around with the tuning and experimenting. When i find a special progression it feel like it resonates with my body differently. Usually i get pretty choked up inside because i feel like i've just stumbled upon a hidden treasure. 

Ty's exceptional ear for melody and his ability to craft a deeply personal and moving song is heard here . The raw emotion in the lyrics will leave you feeling like you've been given a front row seat to Ty's innermost thoughts and feelings.

Ty let the band interpret the song how they wanted and the result is the powerful track you hear today. Each player puts their stamp on each song like a colored brush stroke in a painting.

Jerry adds an almost heartbeat like low with the Pearl bass cajon he plays on this track. His timing is everything sitting him just right in the pocket of the slow groove of Loose Ends.

 It's clear that these two are not only talented musicians, but also great friends offstage - and it shows in their dynamics. Jerry and Ty hang a lot in the national forest in WA state and also in Vancouver Jerrys homebase.

Ty wrote the lyrics for Loose Ends when he was living in Austin. Ty's always had a love for the smooth Robert Cray blues style and tried to carry that out in this song. The lyrics were derived from challenging times Ty went through and this song was an emotional coping outlet for those times.

Ty has always turned to music to channel bad feelings and hard times and this track is one of the heavy subjects that you can only write about if you've gone through it.

The gospel vibes on 'Loose Ends' can be attributed to none other than Steve McCoy, who was brought on to the project thanks to Rich. His veteran skills add a lush and soulful touch. It's clear that McCoy's contributions have helped make this song something special

The Lyrics 

Why am i losing myself 

Thinking you’ll come around again

Why am i losing myself 

And you keep playing pretend 

I wont get another chance 

And now i’m trying to tie up loose ends 



I’ve been living in the past 

How did we fall so hard to sin 

Is it meant to least are we holding fast i just need to take a stand 

And i wont get another dance 

And now i’m trying to tie up loose ends 



Why am i losing myself 

Thinking you'll come back to me 

Why am i losing myself 

Thinking you’ll ever call me 

I wont get another dance 

Now i’m trying to tie up loose ends 

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