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Spanning the distance from Oregon to Hawaii, 'Island Song' is a powerful track that delves into the emotions of reminiscing about the past and working through hard times. The catchy acoustic guitar line is backed up by the unison of bass and piano, creating a memorable sound that's both catchy and emotional. The addition of Mark Shark's slide guitar, known for his work with Bonnie Raitt, adds a haunting and droning sustain that elevates the song to new heights. His skillful playing perfectly accentuates the call and response theme and gives the song a unique and haunting tone that sets it apart from the rest of the album

"Island Song" is not only a standout blues track, but it also represents the dedication and creative approach of Ty Curtis as a musician. The single's release was accompanied by a behind-the-scenes video that was captured by a professional film crew inside the studio during the recording process. This gave fans a glimpse into the making of the song and allowed them to see the hard work and attention to detail that goes into Curtis's music. The video also highlighted the collaboration and teamwork that goes into creating a successful track, as well as Curtis's creative approach to making music. Overall, the behind-the-scenes video for "Island Song" provided an in-depth look at the recording process and gave fans a greater appreciation for the artistry and dedication of Ty Curtis.

The Lyrics 

I hold onto the days 

When we did a lot of wishing 

when nothing but love was in our hearts


I hold onto the days 

Where we did a lot of kissing 

And Nothing could tear us apart 


Maybe it took some time 

to do some reminiscing 

But I think we found some common ground

Ever since you've gone

I find myself wishing that you'd come back around


Could we talk about 

What about me’s unconvincing 

we could turn this all around 

Could we talk about

just what is missing 

So this doesn't run aground 


don’t let this run aground 

don’t let this run aground

don’t you let this run aground 

cuz i know hope can be found 


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