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Hey Now - Ty Curtis

Ty Curtis' debut single "Hey Now" is a powerful blend of blues and rock. The song features an epic slide guitar hook and a driving beat that will have you tapping your foot and nodding your head along. The raw energy and authenticity of the track is palpable, as it was recorded in one room, in one take. This is a return to Ty's blues roots, and he doesn't hold back in delivering a passionate and emotive performance. Whether you're a fan of blues or just appreciate raw, authentic music, "Hey Now" is a must-listen.

To further capture the raw energy and authenticity of "Hey Now," a professional film crew was on hand to document the behind-the-scenes recording process. The footage showcases Ty's creative process and the intensity of the recording session as the band lays down the track in one take.

Ty's voice truly shines on this track, with its soulful character and full-throated power. And it's clear that he was inspired by some of the greats – specifically, modern day delta blues slide guitarist Roy Rogers. Ty was lucky enough to open for Rogers when he was young, and it's clear that the veteran's style left a lasting impression on Ty's own approach and sound.

Richard Lawrence Ty Curtis's drummer is a master of all styles with a highly skilled approach to blues rock and R&B gospel style drumming, Rich stepped up to the plate  on this project and took on a producer role, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and the spirit of the group stayed high. The drumming on the album is a standout feature, with Rich exhibiting both finesse and power in equal measure. 

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But the story behind the song is just as noteworthy as the tune itself.

Curtis grew up playing a little red toy western guitar, and while it may have gotten shoved under his bed as a kid, he eventually rediscovered it as he progressed as a player. And as it turns out, this tiny instrument was great for slide guitar.

Ty wrote the iconic riff for 'Hey Now' on this very guitar, and he cherishes it for its unique, delta bluesy sound. This little baby red guitar played a huge role in the emotion and inspiration behind the song,

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The film crew captures the energy and atmosphere of the studio, giving listeners a unique insight into the making of the song. The behind-the-scenes footage adds another layer to the already powerful "Hey Now," and gives fans an up-close and personal look at Ty's talent and passion for music.

There's nothing quite like the pressure of being under the spotlight, and Ty Curtis and his band rose to the occasion with a series of truly stellar performances. With a film crew on hand to document every note, there was no room for error - and the group responded by bringing their very best to the table. You can feel the energy and intensity in every track, as they deliver the kind of no-holds-barred performances that only come around once in a blue moon. This is an album that you'll want to turn up to 11 and let rip

Ty grew up listening to his dad play the Gibson ES-120T and it had a big influence on his love for music. When he wrote "Hey Now," he knew he wanted to incorporate the raw, vintage sound into the song. He used the classic Gibson tone for the track but also chose to use 13 gauge flat wound guitar strings and tune the guitar to the high tension key of F# to give the song its unique character and power. The combination of the ES-120T and these other elements helped to create the raw, bluesy sound that makes the song "Hey Now" 

Ty Curtis and Hank Shreve's reuniting for this project was epic. Both musicians brought their A-game, with Ty's slide playing earning high praise and Hank's signature sound adding a unique touch to the track 'Hey Now.' It's clear that Ty and Hank have a special musical bond, and their energy when they play together is simply electric.

Ty Curtis loves his band, and it's clear that they share a special bond that extends beyond the music. During the recording session, Ty couldn't stop praising the talented musicians he's lucky enough to call friends, and it's easy to see why he holds them in such high regard. Not only are they skilled players, but they are also some of the coolest people you could hope to meet. The chemistry between the band members is palpable on this album, as they deliver performances that are nothing short of outstanding.

When Ty and Hank first crossed paths in Eugene, Oregon in 2007, it was clear that they were meant to make music together. Both passionate about the blues and roots scene, the two hit it off, and Hank soon joined Ty's band. The result was a powerful collaboration that resulted in their first Ty Curtis Band album release with Hank on harmonica and keys in 2008

Playing music with Rich Lawrence has been a highlight for Ty Curtis, who says that Rich's beats and rhythms have really made 'Hey Now' and all his songs take off. Ty's creativity has been supercharged by Rich's musical input, resulting in a driving and powerful sound. 

'Hey Now' was enhanced by Dave Kahl's bass playing and his veteran knowledge of the blues. His ability to listen and collaborate with the band is excellent with his steady and warm tone.

Inspired by the film 'Django Unchained,

The Lyrics 

Hey now it’s alright 

I’ll tell you when i’m coming to your bedside

And if i take too long 

Just hum along and pray to this sweet song


Hey now it’ll be just fine 

Keep your foot moving til the daylight 

And now we can hold this ground 

There will never come a day where we’ll be found 


Oh Yea


Hey now gonna be alright 

Made it on through before the daylight 

And now we can hold this ground 

There will never come a day where we’ll be found 


Hey now i got a peace of mind 

I’ll never let go of this sunshine 

And now it’s come and gone 

We’ll move along with life and we’ll be strong


Yeah and we’ll be strong 

Oh oh o yeah 

And we’ll be strong 

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