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With a message of self-reflection, 'Patience' is a powerful and personal track written by Ty during a time when he was struggling with excessive drinking. Written from the perspective of someone looking in, the song captures the feelings of someone in need of change. The song was originally written five years ago, when Ty was still drinking, but he quit on October 31, 2021 and has since made it the best decision for his life. The song is a reflection of that moment in time, and a testament to the power of change. The drums, played by Rich Lawrence, add a dynamic and emotional element to the track, starting with a tasteful ambience and transitioning seamlessly into a driving gospel-like beat, taking listeners on a rollercoaster of energy.

"Patience" is a powerful blues track that showcases the talent and creative vision of Ty Curtis. In addition to the song itself, fans can also get a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process thanks to a professional film crew that captured the action inside the studio. This unique footage gives a glimpse into Ty's artistic process. As the film crew captures the recording of "Patience," audiences can see Ty's commitment to his craft and the emotion he brings to each performance. 

The Lyrics 



Show a little patience with me 

Your so sick with moves and you can barely see 

That i try to keep coming 

And i know your loving 

The man whose flaws you can see


She said show a little caring for me 

You’re too drunk to walk and you can barely see

That you try to keep coming and i know your loving 

The girl whose flaws you can see 


Is it enough to know 

That even round and round we go 

Is it plain enough to see 

Can we trust in you and me and 

Believe in what could be

And make new memories 

Is it plain enough to see 


She said spend a little time with me 

You’ve sunk down again and you cant be 

Always coming and going 

Theres just no way of knowing 

Who you’ll turn out to be 


Show a little kindness for me 

Your impatience is all i can see

With all this love were making 

My world you keep shaking 

Maybe stepping back is what we need 


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