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What's The Use - Ty Curtis

"What's the Use" is a blues track featuring the talents of Lloyd Jones on guitar and Hank Shreve on harmonica. The song was recorded at the renowned Hallowed Halls recording studio in Portland, Oregon, and is the third single in a row that was recorded in a single take. The upbeat shuffle rhythm and minor hook instrumentation give the song a lively mysterious and energetic feel, Ty would say this song is in the same realm as his past song All It Took. 

In addition to the recording of "What's the Use," a professional film crew was on hand at the Hallowed Halls recording studio to capture the behind-the-scenes action and document the creative process of Ty Curtis and his band. The footage, which was shot during the recording of the single, offers a unique glimpse into the energy and excitement of the studio, as well as the hard work and dedication that goes into creating music. Fans of Ty Curtis and blues music will enjoy seeing the inner workings of the recording process and getting a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of one of their favorite artists.

What's the Use" is a powerful and evocative song, and  Hank's ability to channel his hero Paul Delay is truly noteworthy. Shreve's contributions to the song make it a standout in Curtis's catalog.

Kahl's touch and versatility in various musical styles is evident on "What's The Use", as he adds just the right amount of notes and his bass playing is a driving force behind the song.

The song has been expertly captured by audio engineer Cooper Stites. He worked tirelessly to ensure that the song sounded the best it possibly could be, 

The song showcases northwest blues legend Lloyd Jones. Jones's funky Chicago blues infusion rhythm playing and solos add a rawness to the song. For Curtis, the opportunity to collaborate with Jones, whom he grew up admiring and even had a signed poster of in his bedroom, is a dream come true.

Lloyd brings a well-rounded perspective to the song, and his experience as a drummer allows him to find the right spots to contribute.

It features the use of a 1965 Firebird guitar on Ty's solo that was given to him by his uncle ,  The guitar's unique combination of pickups and special wiring give it a powerful, barking sound that has a distinct sound.

A 1956 Fender Stratocaster was used to lay down the main rhythm on 'What's the Use' giving it a vintage vibe. Fun fact: Ty was told this guitar was once owned by none other than the guitarist for Hank Williams Jr. 

Hank's chromatic harmonica on 'What's the Use,' channels in Ty's opinion the legendary harmonica player Paul Delay. The use of both chromatic and diatonic harmonica playing gives the song an intricate sound. And the fact that it's the only track on the album to feature a chromatic harmonica adds to its specialness.

Working with Hank on the riff for Whats The Use was as easy as it gets. Hank has such a good ear that it took little time before the song was sounding like the recorded track even from the infant stages. 

Ty and Steve have never played before on an album but have shared the stage with each other more times than they can count.  Ty describes Steve as part of the glue holding it all together. When Steve's not on the song it's very apparent because he always fattens up the track in the best way.

Ty was told back in the day by Paul Delay backstage at Lefty's club in Salem to "mess with the scale" which is exactly what he did with this song

Ty used major seventh chords in the song but played them with an aggressive feel in the bridge part that does a good job of differentiating it from the more power chord loaded verse. 

The Lyrics 

I think its time i cleared the air 

Of what you think you know about me

Your false claims and childish games 

There really seems to be no end


I can’t think of the last time 

We held each other close 

And talked about a plan 

We’re flying blind not taking our time 

And i lost sight of who i am 


Theres nothing good goin on round here 

And these days they sure feel strange 

We need to finally come to a place 

Where we can just act our age 


I thought we had a lifetime thing 

When he held each other hand in hand 

Never sat down and took the time 

To really understand 


so whats the use 

so whats the use 

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