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From heartache to song: The emotional journey behind 'Ruined' In the heart of Texas, amidst the pain of a recent breakup, Ty poured his emotions into the creation of his latest hit, 'Ruined.' Written as a form of therapy, the song came together in pieces as Ty grappled with the raw feelings that came with the end of a relationship. But as Ty sang the words of 'Ruined,' he found solace in the healing power of music.  He reflects on the journey that led to its creation. With piano by the classically trained Steve Kerin and guitar solos by Ty on his trusty 56 Fender Strat, 'Ruined' has become a powerful ballad that takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster.

"To truly capture the electric energy of "Ruined" a film crew was on hand to document the recording process as it happened. The footage offers a glimpse into Ty's creative process and the intense energy of the recording session, as the band performs the track in a single take. Viewers are given an intimate look at the atmosphere in the studio and can see firsthand Ty's talent and dedication to music. The behind-the-scenes footage adds depth to the already powerful "Ruined" and gives fans an up-close look at the making of the song."

As Ty belts out the lyrics, you can feel the raw pain and vulnerability he poured into the song. And just as the song helped Ty heal, it's now resonating with listeners around the world. 'Ruined' is a reminder that through the darkest of times, music has the power to soothe the soul.

Hank Shreve's harmonica on this song takes on an almost orchestral vibe, contributing to the grand nature of the chorus and overall song. Rather than soloing, it's almost horn-like in arrangement for what he added to the song.

Hank Shreve's harmonica skills are top-notch and it's no wonder he's proudly endorsed by Hohner Harmonicas. The superb quality of the brand is evident throughout this album, with each note on the harmonica ringing out crystal clear and true. If you're a fan of the harmonica, this album is a must-listen.

The Lyrics 




I’ve been working so hard 

And i’ve moved so much 

Time has been moving at a pace 

But i don’t wanna give up


Something came between all these memories 

Somethings been between us

But your always in my dreams 


Yes a true love 

Can be ruined 

A true love 

Can be ruined 


Nothings going on in this perilous time

But somethings always been flowing running swift in my mind

Maybe you see it changing or maybe you don’t 

We’ve been rearranging but never saying wont 


Time has its way of turning life around 

Never thought it’d make my heart hit the ground

Ya i can see us changing but now you think we wont

All this love were waging 

I feel it and you don’t 


A true a true love

Can't be ruined 

A true true true love 

Can’t be ruined 


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