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Cut and Run" was crafted while I dabbled in drop D tuning, with the objective of combining an open string riff with a walking-style bass line. The composition draws inspiration from SRV and the sounds on his holy grail album, "In Step," which I repeatedly spun during my wood shedding years. I wanted to recreate those same sounds with my 1956 Stratocaster and carry out a fierce, raspy styling through my vocals. The song was recorded in a single take and embodies the high-energy of the band. Not only do I love playing "Cut and Run but I hope you'll be moved by the song just as I was in its creation

"To truly capture the electric energy of "Cut and Run," a film crew was on hand to document the recording process as it happened. The footage offers a glimpse into Ty's creative process and the intense energy of the recording session, as the band performs the track in a single take. Viewers are given an intimate look at the atmosphere in the studio and can see firsthand Ty's talent and dedication to music. The behind-the-scenes footage adds depth to the already powerful "Cut and Run" and gives fans an up-close look at the making of the song."

Rich Lawrence's shuffle on Cut and Run is played with a level of authority that is truly outstanding. His powerful, dynamic playing propels the song forward and gives it intensity . Whether he's laying down a solid groove or executing precise fills, Lawrence proves himself to be a master of his craft.  All in all, Lawrence's drumming on "Cut and Run" is a testament to his skill and talent as a musician.

Cut and Run is elevated by the impressive skills of harmonica player Hank Shreve. His playing adds a growling, gritty sound that perfectly complements the song. 

Ty''s voice is raw and emotive, filled with passion and conviction. As he sings, he is pours everything he has into the performance, Ty always manages to captivate the listener with his talent and energy as he does on this track.

On the track Ty uses multiple instruments. The Goldman Dreamland Apollo and the vintage 1956 Fender Stratocaster are just two of the guitars he played to give the track a multi-faceted tonality.

Ty and Rich Lawrence have an almost magical ability to listen to a track and know exactly what it needs to take it to the next level. Their attention to detail is great, and they know how to craft a song that will resonate with listeners.

Dave is all smiles tracking for Cut and Run enjoying the groove

Ty In the control room listening to the cut and run mixes with engineer Cooper Stites in Studio A. 

Ty with his 56 Fender Stratocaster

Rich in the moment laying it down

The Lyrics 

I’ve been thinking bout you baby 

Trying to see where we went wrong 

The way i’m seeing things lately 

I choose to right my wrongs


Can’t say we never had some fun 

But whats done is done 


Shouldn’t a let it go on this long 

Now feelings i had are long gone 

Sitting here waiting for the sun 

And its time i cut n run


The anger it dies down 

But the pain you caused me still lingers round 

Your just a stranger to me now 

And i forget what we were all about 


Can’t say we never had some fun 

But the time has come 


Shouldn’t of let it go on this long 

Now feelings i had are long gone 

Sitting here waiting for the sun 

And its time i cut n run


Looking back at us baby 

and how we got so upside down 

it weighs on my mind heavy 

oh silence from you is the only sound


cant say we never had some fun 

ya we had a good run

you think you really know someone 

oh but whats done 

its time to 

cut and run 

cut and run 

its time to cut and run people 

cut and run 

Ty _3 - IMG_1632.jpg

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