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Ty Portrait #31 - IMG_3002.jpg


Ty Portrait #31 - IMG_3002.jpg

"Big Deal" is a blues song with a slow, minor sound and a touch of jazz influence. It was inspired by classic blues music that predates even the artist, Ty Curtis. The song features a special guest appearance by Hank Shreve on harmonica, adding an extra layer and texture to the track. With its soulful, emotive lyrics and haunting melodies, "Big Deal" is sure to be a standout in any blues playlist.

 In addition to the song itself, fans can also get a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process thanks to a professional film crew that captured the action inside the studio. This unique footage gives a glimpse into Ty's artistic process and the collaboration with special guest harmonica player, Hank Shreve.

As the film crew captures the recording of "Big Deal," audiences can see Ty's commitment to his craft and the emotion he brings to each performance. Whether you're a fan of blues music or just appreciate the art of making music, "Big Deal" is a must-listen.

Ty was inspired to write the progression for the song when he was graciously loaned the Gretsch Country Professional that you see in the photos above and to the right.

Hank in studio meticulously listening to his parts on Big Deal.

Hank is all smiles in this photo hearing the playback of his solo on Big Deal.

Hank and Ty in studio listening to Big Deal.

The Lyrics 

You make a big deal out of nothing 

And you say your tired of this 

But you make a big deal out of nothing 

And your the one who’s robbing bliss


You make a big deal out of nothing 

And you say that i’m to blame 

You make a big deal out of nothing  

Honey i refuse to play this game 


From the time i wake up your already on me

About what i should and shouldn’t do

Got me feeling like i’m nothing

But there ain’t no telling you 



Ya we makeup and breakup 

It’s just the way we know 

But somehow we cant seem to let it go

Just tell me how we could turn this back around

Because i want you to know 

you make a 


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