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"Idiomatik" as a powerhouse blues-rock track that pushes the boundaries of genre with its infusion of funk and instrumental prowess. Ty Curtis' use of a unique tuning and a gritty combination of guitar tone from Chase Tone USA and a custom filtertron with a piezo adds a distinct edge to the track. The song features Rich Lawrence on drums and Steve McCoy on Hammond B3, adding to the relentless energy of the song, which doesn't let up until the end. It's a must-listen for fans of genre-bending rock music.

To further capture the raw energy and authenticity of "Idiomatik" a professional film crew was on hand to document the behind-the-scenes recording process. The footage showcases Ty's creative process and the intensity of the recording session as the band lays down the track in one take. The film crew captures the energy and atmosphere of the studio, giving listeners a unique insight into the making of the song. The behind-the-scenes footage adds another layer to the already powerful "Idiomatik," and gives fans an up-close and personal look at Ty's talent and passion for music.

Guitar #1 - Dreamland - IMG_5013.jpg

Ty played Idiomatik with a custom Goldman Apollo Dreamland semi hollow-body guitar.  The guitar is made out of Myrtle Wood with an African wood top.  Steve Kerin's addition on the keyboard doubles up and fattens the fuzzed out melody lines in the track and adds a clean articulate contrast.

Austin, Texas: the live music capital of the world. And for Ty, it was also the place where he caught a glimpse of guitar god Dave Grissom in action at the legendary Saxon Pub. It was this unforgettable performance that left a lasting impact on Ty, inspiring him to pay homage to Grissom by crafting an instrumental powerhouse of his own, channeling the same energy and drive that Grissom brought to his live shows.

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It's all in the pedal. The modded BBE wah, souped up with a chase tone tru-talk potentiometer, gives the guitar lead melody on this track a voice-like quality that harkens back to the vintage wah sound of yesteryear. But don't just take our word for it, give it a listen and let the music speak for itself.

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