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Growing up in a household filled with music, Ty Curtis spent countless hours listening to his father play guitar and sing the blues. From a young age, Ty was drawn to the raw and emotive qualities of this powerful musical style, and he was captivated by the way that blues musicians could use their voices, instruments, and lyrics to convey a range of emotions and experiences.

As he grew older, Ty was inspired by the music of modern blues artists like Stevie Ray Vaughn, but he also developed a deep appreciation for the more traditional sounds of blues pioneers like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and Roy Rogers. Determined to master this powerful art form, Ty dedicated himself to his craft and quickly emerged as a formidable singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

Today, at just a young age, Ty is already making waves in the blues world with his emotionally charged and high energy performances. His raw, authentic sound has won him a devoted following, and he is widely regarded as one of the most promising and exciting young talents in the genre. With his innate musical ability and unrelenting dedication to his craft, Ty Curtis is sure to make a lasting impact on the music industry for years to come.

I'm Going To Miss YouUnreleased Ty Curtis
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Come ON_ early solo version Unreleased Ty Curtis
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32_20 - Robert Johnson CoverUnreleased Ty Curtis
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No Regrets w_ Brandon Unreleased Ty Curtis
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The Ty Curtis Band, like so many others, has seen its fair share of lineup changes over the years. But despite the revolving cast of musicians, one thing has remained constant: the band's unique sound. Each new member brings their own strengths and weaknesses to the table, and this has allowed the band to explore new genres and push the boundaries of their music. The chemistry between band members both on and off stage is reflected in their performances, and Curtis has been fortunate to have a talented group of musicians who have consistently added their own touch to the band's sound


Ty Curtis is consumed by his music. There is no other way to explain how, at such a young age, this 23 year old, Salem Oregon based, vocalist/guitarist/song writer has amassed a recording catalogue of three critically acclaimed albums, earned 2nd place, in the prestigious 2009 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, and is nightly thrilling audiences from the Pacific Northwest to Montreal. Blessed with a classic voice and blazing guitar technique, Ty discovered Blues music in his early teens, listening to favorites Stevie Ray Vaughn, Chris Cain, Roy Rodgers, and Malford Milligan among many others. A true student of the Blues, Ty pursued his music with a passion and legendary focus that amazed those around him. 

Ty played and wrote the Blues, as the music flowed out of him. Practicing with raw finger tips was not a problem that a little Superglue could not fix. Ty was just out of High School in 2006, when he wrote, recorded and released his first album Stubborn Mind. It was the beginning of his meaningful collaboration with Ty Curtis Band drummer Davis Brown. Featuring passionate vocals and driving guitar, a hallmark of the band, this CD presented a depth of feeling and sound that was way beyond their age. Radio programmers from around the country were getting their first taste of the Ty Curtis Band and liking what they heard.

It was the second album Down on My Luck in 2008 that solidified the front line of the Ty Curtis Band with the introduction of Hank Shreve, harmonica, keys, vocals. Again, Ty wrote the music, but there was Hank, another old Blues soul, in a young mans body providing masterful harmonica and sharp vocal harmonies that serve as a dynamic musical counterpart to Tys other worldly musical facility. Down on my Luck appeared nationally on a number of 2009 top Blues album lists as did Tys song Cherry City Boogie. The 2nd place in the prestigious 2009 International Blues Challenge in Memphis catapulted the Ty Curtis Band on to the world stage. 


The Challenge started with more than 2,000 bands in nine countries and 36 states. One hundred bands earned the right to come to Memphis, ten made it to the Finals and The Ty Curtis Band was voted 2nd place by a panel of judges made up of industry professionals. Blues Challenge panelist and Grammy award winning producer David Z (Prince, Etta James, Jonny Lang) took a special interest in the band, which lead to his work as producer/engineer on Ty and the bands latest and most notable album Cross That Line. The 2010 released album is climbing up the charts on hundreds of radio station throughout North America, Europe, Australia and South America. Fools Game and What He Don’t Know are just two of multiple tracks on the air. Described by a music critic as A multi-talented line-up, that is packing blues-lovers in and keeping them on their feet. The Ty Curtis Band plays a mix of blues, blues-rock, funk and swing that grabs the audiences attention and doesn’t let go. 

Their multi-talented line-up and three part vocal harmonies have been enhanced by the addition of the bands newest member, world class bass player Willie Barber (Blues Brothers, Steve Miller, Curtis Salgado, Lloyd Jones). Along with the success of the new album, accolades keep coming. The Ty Curtis Band was won 2010 Muddy Awards from the Cascade Blues Association for Best Contemporary Blues Act and Best Northwest Recording for Cross that Line, and Ty Curtis was named Best Male Vocalist, adding to past Muddy’s received in 2009 for Best Regional Act and Best Harmonica Player to Hank Shreve and Best New Act in 2008. 

The band was awarded a Rainy Day Blues Society Rooster Award for Best Contemporary Blues Act in 2010 and Best New Act in 2009. No strangers to the big stage the Ty Curtis Band has been privileged to open for Chris Cain, Coco Montoya, The Doobie Brothers, Roy Rogers, George Thorogood, Los Lonley Boys, Paul DeLay, Curtis Salgado, Walter Trout, Big Monti and Lloyd Jones. They have performed at Montreal Jazz Festival, 3 years running at Portlands Water Front Blues Festival (this year on the main stage), the Winthrop Blues Festival. Joseph Bronze & Blues, Rogue Valley Blues Festival, Central Oregon Blues Festival, The Red, White & Blues Festival, The Oregon State Fair, Redwood Run and many others. The Ty Curtis Band is coming your way. This young band is all Blues intensity, full of heart and proving to be unstoppable.

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